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I can be reached on Twitter as @JeanineHoffman or email at Bots and haters get blocked, deleted, and reported. I'm open to learning, teaching, working together or brainstorming. I'm a lesbian fiction authors and editor as a side gig and currently working to edit my own work as well for re-release after a change in publishers.  In my daytime gig I'm a QA Engineer who loves to learn and find new ways to test code. I'm about 18 months in at my current slot and I still love and adore my team. I'm a WFH only person due to health issues so, hit me up to learn about working while disabled, learning challenges, working while ADHD, and coming back from total disability to back to work in a new career I love. In my spare time, I love to cook, work with wood, read, and game. I'm married to a wonderful woman and I'm proudly Gender Queer. Hit me up to hang out, chat, or learn from each other.

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