Something I've learned since doing a code bootcamp in 2019. There wasn't a course for QA. My first job out of school was as a VERY junior QA engineer. I knew nothing about the different test methods, how to write a test plan, testing tools, nothing. Heck, I'd never even heard of half of it. 

We need to raise the bar for QA testing in the industry. I've been asked to QA things that were already in production and live to users. Um, kinda too late-isn't it? (I turned down that side gig). 
Where can junior QA's turn when they need an education? Udemy is hit or miss, YouTube same for QA knowledge. The ISTQA standards were never highlighted to me, I found out about the Foundation level and other certifications on my own. 

How can we do better with Junior/entry level engineers that we put in QA roles fresh from school? How can we keep those people from getting frustrated and leaving?