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Jan Kristof Arndt

  • @jkarndt
  • Co-Founder of Evulu | A Platform for Data-Driven Innovation
  • Hamburg, Germany
Hi there ... I am Kristof, founder of #Evulu - a digital platform for managing innovation. I am passionate about human(ity)-centered design. 💡 So, if you want to exchange thoughts on #userresearch  #uxdesign #designthinking #innovationmanagement #ideation, #prototyping #usabilitytesting #agile #scrum or #saas shoot me a message. I am happy to connect. Same applies if you are interested in making this planet a little more #sustainable. We just translated the 17 SDGs stated by the United Nations into 22 ready-to-start innovation challenges. For more information, pls check out Evulu or send me a note. Talk soon 
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