Manish Dugar
  • @jmanishd
Just a regular guy with a heart.

11+ years of professional learning across domains such as SAP, Fashion, Hyperlocal, Merchandising, HRMS SaaS and Advertising Technology. Sounds a little ‘all over the place’? I have a gift for effortless context switching and quick learning, this does make me a bit of ‘jack of all trades’ (aka generalist), but I take that as a compliment, cause it gives me a more holistic approach at work. Being the Humanist that I am, I always root my connections in deep compassion, be it the CXO or the Receptionist I love them all, the same. To me developing a business means to play an important role in spreading the Goodness (aka Value), I think it’s the same as being Santa. All aside I think I’m truly satisfied only when I get to catalyze a sustainable and uplifting change in this world.
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