Jean-Michel Plourde
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My name is Jean-Michel and I am a backend software engineer at Solutions TLM. I build software solutions for a wide varierty of clients and I have the opportunity to collaborate with truly skilled people. I am about to finish my degree in Computer Engineering and I have been a member of the robotic club of my university. I have a diploma as an IT technician and I did support and development for school boards for 4 years.

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From time to time, I give talks at my local tech meetup Saglac IO and I'm involved with its community and organizing events.

I am very passionate about discovering new ideas, new ways of doing things and discovering new tools to build things.

I am someone who value experience, feelings and learning above everything material. I like hiking, jogging, power naps and dogs. 

Never hesitate to contact me, I really appreciate meeting new people!

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