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João Paulo Villa Mello

  • @joaopaulo
About Me
I'm a design leader passionate about people and craft. I love to help people grow in their careers but I need to put my hands to work from time to time. I do believe we need to spend more time looking for the right questions to ask, instead of searching only for the answers, as Einstein used to say.

Design is my lens to see and experience the world through different angles and perspectives, remembering that my point of view isn't the only one I should consider. I love to dive into chaos and explore complex problems that are hard to crack, I usually thrive doing that.

Designers act as facilitators of a large process where we provide clarity and sherds of evidence to help the team understand our users, their problems, and shape meaningful products. We do this by asking the right questions, framing and reframing the problems, creating and evaluating hypotheses, and of course, through a lot of collaborative work.

I love to cook, travel, and take some pics to show others how I see the world, In my spare time.
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Aug 2020 - Present

Senior Manager, UX Design, Winningtemp