Recorded our first episode of Quantum Well, a series of panel talks Horizon is organising on the barriers to large scale quantum computing and how they are being overcome, with Chris Monroe (co-fou...
Blind quantum computing gets mentioned as one of the key use-cases for a quantum internet in the US Department of Energy quantum internet blueprint report.
Moderated a panel discussion on quantum computings and algorithms for the Centre for Quantum Technologies' 11th birthday, with Andreas Wallraff (Professor, ETH Zurich), George Loh (Director, Nation...
Spoke on a panel at an Astor-Perkins event with Peter Chapman (CEO of IonQ), Dan Caruso (Executive Chairman of ColdQuanta), Winfried Hensinger (Founder of Universal Quantum), and William Hurley (Fo...
Spoke on a panel at an SG Innovate organised event with Michael Biercuk (Q-CTRL) and Ng Hui Khoon (Yale-NUS College.
Spoke on an SG Innovate organised panel on quantum computing. The video is on YouTube here.
Gave a remote talk to the UTS Centre for Quantum Science and Information on what we're working on at Horizon. The talk is on YouTube here.
Quoted in Protocol's Quantum Computing Manual.
Quoted in a Nature news article on the MIP*=RE result.
Quoted in a BBC article on quantum internet.
Nice article in IEEE Spectrum on our research on securely delegating quantum computation.
My work with Thomas Vidick from Caltech gets a mention in this nice article on the recent MIP*=RE proof, a major result in computational complexity.
Interview in E27.
Interview in The Quantum Daily.
Interview in The Edge.
Interview in AsiaTechDaily.
Horizon and me featured in an article in Nikkei Asia Review on quantum computing in Asia.
Quoted in a BBC article on the race to build quantum computers.
Quoted in a CNN article on Google's quantum supremacy experiment.
Joined the judging panel for the Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge.
Gave the community a sneak preview of what we're building at Horizon at the Q2B conference in San Jose.
Joint work with NTU on implementing quantum key distribution on chip published in Nature Photonics.
New method for bounding the capacity of quantum channels published in Physical Review Letters.
New paper introducing an algorithmic building block: adiabatic-like evolution driven by measurements.
New algorithm for exponentially faster Gaussian process regression on a quantum computer.
New paper introducing a polylog time quantum algorithm for Gaussian process hyper-parameters, a machine learning task.
New telescoping trick to prove that quantum interactive proof systems with arbitrarily small completeness-soundness gap are arbitrarily powerful published at STOC.
New paper on methods for verifying continuous variable quantum computation.
Paper published on new methods for verifying quantum computing.
Patent on quantum one-time programs granted.
New paper introducing a malleable encryption scheme for quantum states of light.
New paper implementing a quantum protocol for single-use software (aka one-time programs), with Philip Walther's group in Vienna.
New paper published coming from a collaboration with Philip Walther's group in Vienna implementing a quantum homomorphic encryption scheme.
Some of our early work on compiling linear algebra subroutines just came out in Quantum Machine Intelligence. The paper is here.
I've been very active on the CSTheory and Theoretical Physics stack exchange sites, but only ever answered one question on stack overflow. It's a tongue in cheek answer to the old Google interview ...
Chaired the Quantum Processor Strategy Working Group under the National Research Foundation's Quantum Engineering Program.
Our partners at Rigetti gave us early access to pulse level control on their systems. Gave a talk at their Quantum Advantage conference showing off some of our results on rapid characterisation and...
Named to the MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35 Asia list, and spoke at EmTech Asia. The video of my talk is here.
Selected as a National Research Foundation fellow. Awarded just over S$3.5m in research funding over 5 years.
Raised a seed+ round, adding Sequoia to Horizon's cap table. The round was covered in Techcrunch here.
Raised Horizon's seed round from SGInnovate, Abies Ventures, DCVC and a number of angel investors.
Spoke at the AWS ASEAN Summit. Video is here.
Spoke about Quantum Software at EmTech Asia.
Decided now was the time to stop writing papers about quantum computing and start building stuff, so registered a company: Horizon Quantum Computing.