Joe Triccas

  • @joetriccas
  • Dad. Product Manager. Streamer. Founder. Mensan.
  • Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • He/Him
Born 1989 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, I started my technology career as a Trainee Test Analyst at SSE Plc. (#COBOL+BizTalk)

I very quickly learned my rage against the machine, out the box 'challenge everything' mentality wasn't particularly productive in such a large, bureaucratic organisation. In fact at 21, the Director of IT told me I should leave and work at a start up - that hurt me if I'm honest, and I left tech for 3 years.

I eventually took a relocation offer for a testing role at Zonal Retail Data Systems, in Edinburgh. This was a life changing decision as it has sent my career from strength to strength, enabled me to tackle a wide array of internal challenges I was encountering (imposter syndrome, self worth, that sort of thing) and ultimately led me to the amazing position I find myself in today - Co Parent, Full time Product Manager, Part time streamer AND 'on ice but soon to be resuscitated' Co Founder/CVO
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