Shipped a side project
A little while ago, David Hoang shared a tweet that got me thinking and I wanted to share what I've been up to on the side lately!

When I joined Figma in 2019, I did so because I felt inspired to help designers everywhere feel more comfortable, confident, and efficient with the tool that is Figma—it really can be complex! Though I'm no longer in that role, I've wanted to find ways to continue the work to help others—so I've created bookable sessions for personal Figma training! Whether you're just starting out or are wanting to learn more about an area in particular, such as design systems, component & library organization, prototyping, or general tips & tricks, I'd love to help!

Being able to meet new people and level others up with Figma has been really fun and so rewarding. 👋 If you're interested in meeting together, schedule a time!