Jan 10, 2022
Published a Docker image
Learned Docker
Learned by doing
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I published my first Docker image, a phpIPAM remote scan agent

I've been doing some tinkering in the last week or so to shift the phpIPAM setup I'm using for my vRealize Automation homelab to containers, with the ultimate goal of creating a flexible way to run remote scan agents across my large production environment. I found the phpipam-docker project which would handle the primary server needs nicely and I was able to migrate the database over to that without any trouble.

For the agent side of things, phpipam-agent provides a way to run the scan agent on a separate server, and this project puts it in a Docker container but didn't quite meet my needs. 
So I used that project as a base and applied some additional configuration options to make it a little bit more flexible and (eventually) got a working Docker image that I can use.  I learned a ton about Docker in the process, and now I can move on to my next learning challenge: deploying this to a Tanzu Community Edition Kubernetes cluster.