Nov 17, 2021
Deployed a server to Google Cloud
Used Docker-Compose

Deployed Snikket XMPP messaging server to Google Cloud (Free Tier)

I came across the Snikket project the other day, which strives to make decentralized-but-federated end-to-end-encrypted messaging built on the open XMPP protocol more accessible to non-techies. They provide a hosted option but also make it extremely easy to self host; I'm a sucker for self-hosting things so I thought I'd give it a try.

The Snikket Quick Start Guide made it incredibly simple to get up and running. It honestly took me longer to finalize the registration of a new domain ( - a shorter alt for than it did to create a new Ubuntu e2-micro instance on Google Cloud's free tier, configure DNS records and firewall rules, deploy the Snikket server components in a docker container, and create a user account through the Snikket Android app.

And now I've got a private chat server I can use for communicating with my closest friends - like any of my Polywork connections who might want to check it out:

I'm pretty impressed with the project so far, and I'm excited about Snikket's future possibilities. It's much less nerd-centric than my Matrix + Element setup is. The client and server both work very well, and the process of onboarding as a new user couldn't be simpler.

To put that to the test, I've also deployed another instance that I'm going to try to use as a replacement for my family's many group text threads! Wish me luck!