John Faulkner-Willcocks
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I love to improve how businesses work and help people unlock their potential.

My story:
I used to solve problems in massive companies
Now I solve problems in startups/scale-ups
Iā€™m better here. Always learning. Always designing.

What I do: šŸ”—

Please connect/DM if you are passionate about operational excellence, creating environments for teams to thrive or want to change the future of work (particularly hiring and job search!)

Also, shout if I can help with something - if I can I will.

My skills:

+ Change: communicating vision, creating urgency, removing impediments, aligning teams and leading cross-functional op model/culture change.

+ Strategy execution: bridging the gap between vision and reality, ensuring strategy alignment, transparency and facilitating goal setting systems to deliver.
+ Operational excellence: designing processes and agreements that improve collaboration, predictability and scalability holistically across the whole organisation.
+ Organization coaching: designing experiments to improve culture and employee value prop.
+ Product: leading and coaching product discovery, development, and scaling product organisations.
+ Team development: mentoring, coaching, conflict management and servant leadership to create environments for teams to thrive.
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