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Jonathan Guzman

  • @jonathanlguzman
  • Figma Student Leader | Ex-Product Design Intern at Quizlet
  • He/ Him
  • Redwood City, CA
Oh, hey there! 👋

I’m Jonathan, a gritty product designer and writer who likes to focus on storytelling. My path into tech was not traditional. I'm a first-generation college student studying journalism at San José State. 

Wanting to explore a more creative career path, I stumbled across product design. I eventually worked my way to becoming a product design intern at Quizlet.

Since December 2021, I have been working with students at USC to design an events promotion app for college organizations and their members. We are launching at USC this fall!

I also found my way into designing for a YC-backed startup, 1Flow. As a UI/ UX designer, I’m helping other startups make more innovative product and marketing decisions through useful and intuitive design.

Don’t hesitate to connect and reach out!
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