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Jordan Fletcher

Hey pet lovers 🤍🐾 My name is Jordan Fletcher & I am the CEO/OWNER of Yagi Pets, our mission is to truly revolutionize pet care through targeting the dogs mind and health. Saving you a trip to the vet:) our dog treats & food are both 100% NATURAL & contain only 5 - 6 ingredients. Our Dog food is so good even you can eat it.   I’ve tried it myself & I must say our treats taste like grandma’s peanut butter cookies.

I’m on this app to connect to fellow pet lovers that want the best for their pets and truly change the way the world views dog food. 

Goal is to be featured on a podcast—
I hope everyone’s journey is going well, remember life is a game and everything is destined…. Your choices reflect how easy or hard  your game mode will be.
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