Jordy van Domselaar

  • @jordyvd
First and foremost, I love to write code. What started as a 12-year-old me wondering what was going on when I first manipulated my first piece of Assembly code has now turned into building web apps, APIs, and everything in between to deliver experiences people love to use. I love staying up-to-date on the latest tech because modern problems require modern solutions.

At school, I mostly worked on backend systems that would power websites and apps. In my free time, I made sure to learn what I needed to build front-end apps. Learning about both the front-end and the backend has given me valuable insights into how both systems and teams work together to deliver awesome user experiences on the web.

At DIJ, I introduced React, a front-end framework that transforms how we build web apps. To do this, I made sure I was available to mentor colleagues when using React. Because there are many different ways to solve common issues in React like routing and state management, I made sure I knew enough about different tools to make choices about what libraries we could use so we could get up and running quickly.

Using React, we were able to help different clients than before. We started building web apps that feel immersive, fast and worked better than before. Even though we usually build APIs ourselves, we were even able to help a client that already had a backend and just needed a web app so users could interact with their systems.

Because I build both APIs and the web apps that implement them I know what's important for both and I can work on different systems to help clients.

When I'm not at work, I like to improve my skills. I've started with Tensorflow, worked on multiple desktop apps and mobile apps using Flutter and React Native, and I've built APIs using Go.

I also like to play video games, virtual reality, table tennis, swimming, and going to concerts of my favorite bands.

Some of my interests and skills include but are certainly not limited to JavaScript/TypeScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Sass, Stylus, React, styled-components, Redux (toolkit), Jest, Cypress, PHPUnit, Laravel, Laravel Dusk, AWS, Firebase, Golang, Machine learning, Git, and Python.
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Aug 2021 - Present

Front-end engineer, Zapier