José Miguel Chaves Ojeda

  • @josemichaves
 Who am I ?👨‍💻
I am a resolute person, committed and passionate about what I do, organisation and planning are vital to me. I like challenges and facing them, although I also like to work in a team to solve them and give my best.

What I like?❤️
I love new technologies, from development, both web (web apps) and software and hardware, and other technologies such as 3D printing and CAD design.

What are my favourite technologies?🖥️
I'm comfortable working with: Typescript, React, NodeJs, MongoDb, PostgreSQL, HTML and CSS.
I can also use: Docker, GraphQl, NextJs or Bootstrap among others.
I want to learn: Angular, Vue, Python, React Native and Electron.

In my free time I spend my time playing and watching sports, my favourite sports are motor racing, and enjoying the natural life on the island where I live in the beautiful Mallorca.

GitHub: /josemichaves9
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