Joy Osayande

  • @joy_osayande
I am a designer and strategist focused on creating optimal user experience and believe design is the people we design for and that technology should be fine-tuned to meet the human's needs, not the other way round.

I have a passion for researching and designing functional applications that are not just easy to use, aesthetically pleasing but also solves business and user problems. As a designer, I love connecting dots and seeing how to solve user problems, business needs and ensuring that both the users and business are satisfied.

Overtime, I have collaborated and assisted in several multinational companies such as Engie Energy Access, Souled studios and Xesibe holdings and have also worked as the principal designer at PecuniaPay, a fintech startup that is set to launch

My job is exciting. I get to collaborate and work with brilliant tech founders and entrepreneurs to bring new solutions to life. I also get to satisfy my curiosity by learning about interesting concepts such as creating solar energy solutions using tech and creating an international payment gateway using contactless payment technology (NFC) as I research how to build the perfect user experiences for them.

I believe that the projects I have been opportune to work on have shaped my design experience. UI/UX design is a bit of trial and error. It’s kind of scientific. You do your research, make your best hypothesis and then test it. Rinse, repeat and ensure it is always centered on satisfying your ideal users

- Collaborating, building and defining a workable team structure
-Well versed in Human-centered methods and best practices
- Excellent asynchronous communication skills that allows for remote working.
- Coordinating a team of designers in creating well-designed products and bridging the gap between standard design processes and the rational side of business.
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Jun 2022 - Present

Product design coordinator, Engie Energy Access

Nov 2021 - May 2022

Product designer, PecuniaPay (Kenn

Nov 2021 - Feb 2022

UI/UX Designer, xesibe holdings pty (ltd)

Apr 2021 - Aug 2021

ui/ux design intern, zuri Training

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