Jason Fowler

  • @jsnfwlr
  • Senior Software Engineer + DevOps Manager, Grain Market
  • Western Australia
I started writing code in 1991, creating programs on the family ZX Spectrum. By 1999 I had written desktop applications in half a dozen different programming languages before discovering the arcane arts of the world wide web. In 2001, after graduating high school, I decided on a career as a web developer/software engineer and started work as a freelance developer building websites for local small businesses. In 2006 I took on my first permanent role as a web developer and junior sysadmin. Since then I have worked in dev teams, big and small, and as of 2016 have been managing a small team of developers, spearheading the adoption of DevOps practices and managing the migration of the company's flagship product from an aging monolithic PHP system to a modern cloud native platform.
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