Jayson Phillips
  • @jsonp
  • Sr Eng Manager, bootcamp Instructor, Twitch Streamer
  • South Florida
  • He/Him/His
Professionally writing code since 2002.


  • multiple-year mentor and mentor coach with CODE 2040
  • mentoring with Sector
  • former mentor/instructor w/ Citizen Schools (NYC)
Passionate: Really passionate about the state and future of education, the empowerment of engineers to be and do what their heart desires, and bringing the underserved along on the journey into technology-related careers. 

  • Sr Engineering Manager in edTech
  • I still write code in my spare time, playing with new paradigms and ecosystems out of curiosity and in the interest of being a technical coach to the teams I manage

Other endeavors include: 
  • Starting Breakpointt Studio to house my personal teaching and technical efforts (aka: side projects) - currently is behind my Twitch Series "Pull Up & Code"
  • Technical Partner at Carbon Fibre Ltd - a Creative Consultancy and Brand Incubator. 
  • Advisor to Sector
  • Strategic Advisor, FixMyKix
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