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Jonathan Summerton

Jonathan Summerton is a strategic innovation leader, leading product, business, and strategy teams. He is a visionary in the payments, insurance, and blockchain industry, driven to perform in every situation he gets involved in. With a passion and drive that you don't find in many individuals and is always pushing the limits of innovation and being a thought leader. Jonathan excels in building a team that is motivated and connected as well oiled machine. His teams have always excelled through efficiency and collaboration with an emphasis on culture of inclusion and empowerment, which deliver results. Keeping a positive attitude and look for the positive in every situation. payments landscape, blockchain, digital currency, product, sales, and headed up regions.

Specialties: Executive Leadership, B2B, e-commerce, insurance, payments, cross border, Growth Strategy, Digital Transformation, Blockchain, Business Development, Entrepreneurship,  Coaching, Motivational Speaking, Team Building, Sales, Healthcare
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