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Jun 18, 2021
Jun 18, 2021
Provided Art Direction
Wrote a video script
Launched influencer campaign
Directed a creative roll out
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Been a busy last few months but a couple of months ago my writer partner and I were asked to think about a creative roll out for the NBA Finals music performances. First thing we say is "🤔.....aight so who's performing?" because thats going to inform the creative, at least on the level we were thinking.
After some back and forth, brainstorming and IG scrolling it was clear - we write a script with Druski in mind around the potential talent. Druski's hilarious and has a nuance to his humor that was perfect for where we were headed conceptually we just needed the right performers.

Once Big Sean and 2Chainz came into the picture it was almost a cheat code to how easy the scripts were flowing. When we 🔗 with Druski he put his on finesse on the scripts and we were ready🤞🏾.

Check the spots out while I figure out what to order from Tender Greens.




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