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I aspire to be on the bleeding edge of emerging technologies and industries that will become future staples. This is why I decided to join Polywork as soon as I heard about it. 

I also want to contribute to work that betters society, like bridging the justice accessibility gap through online legal services. I believe legal tech can help improve access to legal help, and I enjoy working with lawyers and developers to make it happen. I was a legal recruiter for Legal Guard, the first and only construction industry specific legal access plan. However, since Levelset’s acquisition by Procore, Procore has decided to phase out some of our legal tech, including our legal access plans. I remain undeterred from my legal industry pursuits and have been accepted into the Commercial Law League of America without a law degree and now serve on the membership committee and I was a panelist at the 2022 Group Legal Services of America conference.

In addition to law and technology I am passionate about the humanities. It’s my true passion, really. Someday when I have more time and resources I’d like to become more active in academic research that could revolutionize the way we look at the ancient past, the human mind, and our collective future. I presented at the University of Edinburgh in 2017 at the International Association for Comparative Mythology and was later published in the IACM peer-reviewed journal. I’ve also published short stories and poems under a pen name, and occasionally ghostwrite for other authors. One day I hope to publish an anthology of my short stories and at least one novel series, as well as nonfiction books containing the results of my research. 

As a former life coach, I enjoy mentoring other creative businesswomen and helping them reach their goals without compromising their love for art and authenticity. My biggest role model in this has been Lauren Versino, whose “The Creative Mentor” podcast literally changed my life. 

My creative endeavors have been varied, I sketch, paint, craft, sculpt, I make music and I dabble in photography. Though I don’t spend as much time creating art as I used to, I still model with various photographers and have been featured in several galleries. 

I love brainstorming and I am open to meeting new people and new opportunities.
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Jun 2021 - Present

Legal Partner Marketing Coordinator, Procore Technologies

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