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Julien Lepleux

  • @julienlpx
  • VC Investor at Bleu Capital
  • New York City
I invest with Bleu Capital into the backbone of commerce and (sometimes) consumer brands. 

Bleu's operating model is different than the usual VC fund: 50% of my time is spent embedded with our different portfolio companies, where I help with financials, team management, and go-to-market.

Prior to my current investor role, I spent a couple of years as a growth strategy manager. In 2018, I joined Cargo Systems to redefine the way we experience travel in cars. Cargo’s first product, the box, was designed to give riders an affordable access to daily essentials on-the-go. 

I led growth strategy and turned Cargo into the fastest growing rideshare adjacent business in 2019 (40K active drivers, 200K historical signups), introduced the venture’s first profitable operating model, launched our largest market in LA and managed multiple local teams. 

I hold bachelor degrees from Upenn’s Wharton School and College of Arts and Sciences as a member of the Huntsman Program class of 18’.

My passion lies in building great customer experiences across product and services to help us live and consume better.
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