Brace yourselves for the world of Ruume, the new way to experience video calls!

Why Ruume, you ask? Well, it's simple - Ruume is so incredibly awesome and fun that it demanded a name that defied convention, a name that dared to be misspelled… and a domain name that didn’t cost $10K. But really, Ruume is about humanizing your life online while offering you new monetization venues.

We turbocharged your calling experience with a UI that adapts to your mood, a real-time paywall, personal links (educational, affiliate, e-commerce,…) you get to embed anywhere in the scene, and much more.

And best of all– Ruume is completely free to use! We believe that greatness should be accessible to all, which is why we've removed any barriers for you to join. So get your Ruume now and see how your online meetings become less tense, more fun, and more productive.

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Yours in awesomeness,


Founder, Ruume

PS: As a token of gratitude, please use the code "getaRuume" to upgrade to Business. This grants you 10 external links to strategically place anywhere in a room’s background.