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Currently residing in Victoria, BC, Canada, I am the Founder & CEO of Co-Sign Radio music media platform, and Co-Sign Records Ltd. an independent record label and artist services agency.

Currently managing: Cory Jones, AJay!, and JuJu.

Artist Clients: Kayeandre, Sophie Marks, Victoria Gouveia, and LoverboyBass.

"Listening to music while on the job!" is my life.

Self-motived, reliable music professional with years of experience in digital marketing, artist management, graphic design, music release strategy, and distribution.

Program Skills:
Adobe Photoshop: 6-years+(Professional)
Logic Pro: 3-years+
Adobe Premiere: 4-years+
Adobe After Effects: 1-year
Adobe In-Design: 2-years+

Marketing Skills:
Facebook/Instagram Advertising: 3-years+
Google/YouTube Advertising: 1-year+
Social Media Marketing: 3-years+
Wordpress: 3-years+

Other Skills:
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word

Music Industry Skills:
YouTube CMS (Professional)
Royalty Understanding  (Above Average)
Music Publishing: 2-years+
Mechanical & PRO Royalties: 3-years+
Music Claiming: 2-years+
Artist Management: 3-years+

My involvement in the music industry started at 16, when I began graphic designing and audio engineering. Since then, I've immersed myself in obsessing and learning as much about the industry as possible. My portfolio covers everything from graphic design, songwriting, A&R, PR work, and more. Currently, I Manage, Jacksonville, FL, R&B & Soul singer "Cory Jones," Female R&B singer "JuJu" from Richmond, VA, and a studio professional producer named "AJay!" Providing them with my artist development and creative services.
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Sep 2019 - Present

Founder, Co-Sign Radio, LLC

Jan 2021 - Present

Founder, Co-Sign Records, Ltd.