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The Big Talk App is Here!!!

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Skip the small talk, and make more meaningful connections! Play with hundreds of conversation starter questions split into an ever-growing set of categories; LOVE, SELF, WORK, KIDS, TRAVEL, and more! Useful icebreakers for social gatherings, date nights, school, work events, counseling, road trips, self-reflection, team bonding, and more. New features coming soon!

Some ways I have used the Questions App so far:
  • With teammates as an icebreaker for kicking off weekly work sessions.
  • With friends while waiting in a long line to get into a bar that just opened again.
  • With an interviewee to get to know them on a deeper level. 
  • With new people from all over the world who I met while traveling throughout Hawaii.
  • With loved ones over dinner.

Thank you for supporting the Big Talk movement!