Spoke on a podcast
How do you earn while travelling? Is it possible to work on the go? Can I actually work while sipping cocktails by the pool? Is this for real?

A location-independent / digital nomad lifestyle sure sounds glamorous. With good reason, because living life on your terms, living anywhere in the world and making money while at it sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

In this podcast, I spoke to Preethy about how I do what I do and how we can design a life we probably dream of.

You'll hear about how my tryst with travel blogging started at 05:00, how I managed to bounce back from zero at 08:00, and what enabled my location-independent lifestyle at 10:30. 

I tell you how I started work as a digital nomad at 13:12 and how I manage to balance work and travel at 16:57. 

The pros and cons of the lifestyle come out at 19:26, and you'll also hear about the different ways you can pursue this at 21:11. 

Learn about the concept of geo-arbitrage and why it's something you need to know about at 22:15. 

Check out the mistakes I've made on this journey and what you can do to avoid them at 23:38.

We discuss the future of the gig economy and what the future might hold at 26:05. Take advantage of some valuable life lessons at 29:47, after which I give you all a glimpse into what my journey has been like at 31:35.

Skip to 34:15 to listen to what you need to know before jumping into this life, and then move on to tips and tricks at 39:09. Transition options pop up at 41:09 and listen in at 45:54 for resources that will help you out.