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Katelynn Young

  • @kbyoung
  • Copy/Creative Writer | Musician | Founder of Starflower Stitches
  • She/Her
  • Cebu, Philippines
Creator of many hats, all centered on the power of storytelling. Publish under the pseudonym Kate Livewire.

Working towards a more sustainable future through several efforts, including Starflower Stitches, an eco-friendly sewing shop. 

Currently writing for a novel, a comic series, and an interactive fiction game.
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Feb 08, 2022
Feb 08, 2022
Reposted by Katelynn Young
Excited to onboard a new community member today, welcome Katelynn! Thanks for checking out Polywork 🙏. Please let me know if you have any feedback on how we can make Polywork better, we're just getting started!
Sep 01, 2021
Sep 01, 2021
Excited to join Rogers Concepts as Copywriter! 🎉
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Copywriter, Rogers Concepts
Jan 01, 2021
Jan 01, 2021
Excited to join Red Root Artists Cooperative as Marketing Assistant! 🎉
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Marketing Assistant, Red Root Artists Cooperative
May 01, 2018
May 01, 2018
Excited to join 8Letters Bookstore & Publishing as Author! 🎉
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Author, 8Letters Bookstore & Publishing