Mar 22, 2021
Hosted a podcast
Leaned into that "underemployed middle-aged guy" life in 2021 with (what else) a podcast, "My Band Rocks," about my 25-years-long dubious hobby of amateur musicianship, because I needed another project until I pick up more freelance work and/or I’m able to seek a full-time gig.

So, every Monday this year I've released a short (17-25 min), music-heavy @mybandrockspod “audiobiography” episode about each album I've been part of, through three amateur indie bands, a side project, and my own solo stuff.

Some people will say "meh, another useless self-centered podcast," but I simply cannot be shamed when it comes to talking about my favorite, longtime, most-important-to-me hobby, and nobody else is gonna tell this story, so I have (and probably will again).

Anyway, it's finished for now—Episode 12, today's dispatch, is sort of a "season finale"—and if you want to hear them all, you can do that via your favorite podcast platform. There’s even a Spotify playlist for chronological order.

Like my other cumulative, long-term creative projects done during the past year, this may not fit on a résumé or impress a hiring manager, but I tend to reflexively share my projects, regardless of attention or success.

Hear all 12 episodes, a brisk four hours in total, in chronological order on Spotify or in reverse on Apple (or wherever you get your podcasts!).