May 01, 2021
Traveled to a new city
On May 1, I left for a 23-day road trip. I'll be documenting my trip on Polywork!
Stop: Memphis, TN
Let's play "two truths and a lie":
1. I LOVE coffee 2. I will go out of my way to find the best coffee shop around 3. I only drink decaf
I haven't spent a great amount of time in Memphis, so I wanted to make a quick visit to check it out along the way. Plus it was time for some coffee! We made a quick stop at City & State for some coffee and then spent way too much money at the attached local gift shop.
P.S. - I don't drink decaf unless I have to. There is GREAT decaf coffee, but I was born and raised on coffee (like, started drinking it at around 13 or so after dinner with my family) so I'll stick to what I know.