Kelly Haskins
  • @kellyhaskins
Started my love of computing with an Apple 2E in junior high, playing Lemonade and Star Trek. When Adventure and other text-based games came out, I was hooked for good. Bought my first computer (Tandy) in 1987-88 from Radio Shack, which led to learning how to manage memory and run command line DOS. This led to getting online, when that meant using a modem to dial into BBS systems. And that led to signing up for Prodigy, CompuServ, AOL, GEnie, where I could play multiplayer online games for the mere price of $6/hour. I figured out that volunteering in the game would get me free game time, so I stayed there and was eventually hired as a GameMaster, where I learned how to do scripting and manage community events. 

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