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Advisory Consultant specializing in Infrastructure Tech including Exchange, Skype, Teams, M365, AD, W...  
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Jul 02, 2021
Jul 02, 2021
Reading 'Turn the Ship Around!'
Reading Turn the Ship Around! by Capt. L. David Marquet

Learning to empower employees to own and lead decisions.

Shifting to Leader : Leader vs. Leader: Follower

Turn the Ship Around! Book - David Marquet, Author, Keynote Speaker, Creator of Intent-Based Leadership, Intent-Based Leadership International
Jun 19, 2021
Jun 19, 2021
Passed certification exam
Today I achieved the Microsoft certification:

Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert

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Jun 12, 2021
May 30, 2021
May 30, 2021
Remove Read Only Item Flag

I recently had an issue where I needed to update the Read Only Item Property on a large set of files. 

Below is a script that will process all files under 'C:\BACKUPFILES' and set the Item Property 'Read Only' to false on all files. 

$FolderPath = 'C:\BACKUPFILES'
$setRoAttributeTo = $false
$Items = Get-ChildItem -Path $folderPath -Recurse
Foreach ($File in $Items) {

 IF ($file.Attributes -like '*ReadOnly*'){
Write-Host $file.FullName
Write-Host "File Read Only" -BackgroundColor DarkRed
  Set-ItemProperty $File.FullName -Name IsReadOnly -Value $setRoAttributeTo
May 23, 2021
May 23, 2021
Passed certification exam
I passed my CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) Exam today!

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Apr 27, 2021
Apr 27, 2021
Masters Degree
Western Governors University
Today I received an Excellence Award for a paper I wrote in my  Cybersecurity Architecture and Engineering class! #WGU
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