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Hi, I'm Kevin. I like helping people, love solving problems that make people cringe & I like to consult people before I solve the problem. A job in UX combines all of these things. Solving wicked problems in my work gives me more of a rush than the Redbull I take if I need to beat a deadline.

My strongest trait is that I always like to generate ideas, nothing is ever perfect. It might be near-perfect but it can be better! Because I love generating ideas, I need to make sure they are worth hearing. In my work I try to incorporate an idea with the company strategy. Will this idea take us closer to a mile stone? What will it cost to develop and what is the return on investment?

I love learning. I did a full Nielsen Norman Group UX Training (7 days) in my own time and with my own money.

Do you need help with a problem or do you simply have a question? Send me a message or a friend request! I have 5+ years of experience and perhaps I’ve encountered the problem before. If not, I can learn something new!
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May 2016 - Present

UX Lead, Compareweb