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Kevin Peters

  • @kevinpeters
  • A friendly Bit shifter with a lot of side projects
  • Berlin
Hey 👋 I am Kevin and I work as a Software Engineer at Stripe. I am also working on several side projects because I simply love engineering and web development:
  • getworkrecognized.com - A work achievement tracker that turns your achievements into outstanding self-reviews to get your promoted
  • tooltipr.com - Business jargon is difficult to understand, even at your company. Make the use of acronyms understandable
  • caseconverter.pro - Annoyed of uppercase strings and so on? Your handy caseconverter on the web
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Jun 15, 2022
Created an Open-Source client for emailoctopus.com

Biggest feature: Auto-pagination so you do not have to implement it yourself + Types

Please leave a start on GitHub
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Jan 19, 2022
As a software engineer at Amazon, you are challenged every day. It is expected that you deliver results and apply the leadership principles in every day's work. Even when you are not working at Amazon, you can apply these principles at your job.

Wrote a new blog article for my side project:

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Nov 11, 2021
I have updated the pricing plans for tooltipr.com. They are a lot simpler now! Just 3 simple plans to choose from with a free one for you to try out the tool forever!

➡️ https://www.tooltipr.com/pricing
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Oct 04, 2021
Stripe is the company I recently joined and I was able to showcase how Stripe Tax is working in their integration builder: With a simple click on a toggle, you can see how Stripe Tax can be integrated and you will be tax-compliant in a click.

I also updated all Open Source examples with Stripe Tax: https://github.com/stripe-samples/checkout-single-subscription
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Sep 14, 2021
Today I published a new article for my side project: getworkrecognized.com. It is about brag documents.

Brag documents are an effective way to get recognized by your manager and peers for your work. It will help you to get promoted or simply get a salary raise. Getting a template and what to write into that is difficult, that is why we have prepared some templates for you. All of the templates are free and can be accessed via Google Docs.
You can find the article here:  3 free Brag Document Templates [Google Docs]
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Aug 21, 2021
Today I wrote an article about Customer Obsession. As software engineers, we are focusing a lot on coding but we often forget what our code is actually doing: Helping to solve a problem for the customer. But there are many more examples you can explore to show customer obsession:

  • Supporting the customer when needed
  • Seeking to understand the customer
  • Think ahead, exceed customer’s expectation
  • Put yourself into the customer’s shoes
  • Find Problems within your product
  • Find data to understand customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Create documentation for your customer
  • Look at competitors how they make the customer happy
  • Understand what customer problems might appear in the future
You can read the whole article here:  8 examples to show Customer Obsession as a Software Engineer
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