Oct 11, 2021
Upsold a Customer Account
Designed website
Wrote marketing copy
Early adopter
Refined a Product Roadmap
Designed User Experience Assets
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Automatio Weekly Progress Update #16
Good day good people, how was your previous week? Here is last week progress update on my bootstrapped journey with https://automatio.co:  - 🙌 Reached exciting milestone of 21 monthly subscribers. Combining that with 27 early adopters (annual subscriptions worth ~$40k), it brings Automatio to ~$5.5k MRR altogether.  - 💰 Acquired 5 new customers, $99/m each. The goal, 21 of 63 monthly subscribers.  - 💖 Got precious heart-touching feedback from a customer. After I failed to bill his credit card for ~5 days because of a bug in the system, he decided to leave Automatio, and try another solution. Take a look at his words, this touched me deeply: https://i.imgur.com/0QCRlSB.png.  - 📝 I am accepted to write/publish in a big publication that has 87 DA (domain authority). Guess which one https://i.imgur.com/bOW0pQl.png.  - 🎯 Domain authority is going up https://i.imgur.com/tBiKQ71.png.  - 📈 1360 visits last week, caused by participating different communities. Google Analytics, put a lot of traffic in direct which is wrong https://i.imgur.com/6Zb29mK.png.  - 🎥 Gave a crucial, almost final feedback for the upcoming video explainer for Automatio. Can't wait to be rendered and see the final results.  - 🤖 Tried to win MekaVerse NFT, but no luck. That would be my first NFT, after CryptoKitties from 2017.