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YouTubers Hangout, 28-12-2021

YouTubers Hangout is still a "new" server, but we are already very proud of it.

As the server is about YouTubers, one of our owners has decided to make a YouTube video, which explains a bit about our discord server, and what we have to offer. This is just a starting point, as we will be making more videos, we will explain more about who we are.

Watch the video here:

We are also hoping to make more videos in the near future that will be explaining some of the journeys about becoming a YouTuber, giving out advice on where to start and how to develop further, and much more. We are hoping that our YouTube channel and the discord server will both become very useful for everyone that either is interested in starting a channel, the those that want to improve on the existing one they have.

We have high standards for our project, and we hope for the best as time will go on. Consider joining our discord server. We are open to all sorts of suggestions and feedback about our server as well.

Please remember that the server is not exclusive to YouTubers only, however. This server is also a community server, even if you have no interest in being a YouTuber, you are still very welcome to join in and have a chat with us. We are open to everyone.