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Drink Coffee & Keep White Teeth

You might be doing it wrong…

White teeth. It’s one of the few things that everyone wants. Sure, it has a different priority for everyone. But given the choice of having white teeth versus not, it would be surprising to see anyone choose the latter. Unfortunately, routinely drinking coffee can make it difficult to keep that sparkly smile. Nevertheless, we have some tried and true strategies for warding off stain as much as possible. 

Do NOT Brush Your Teeth After
Did I get your attention? Good. Most people jump immediately from their coffee to brushing their teeth in order to scrape off the stain. In theory, this makes sense. However, in practice, you’re actually increasing your potential for stain. Coffee is very acidic in nature, which means that as you drink it, your enamel becomes softer and weaker. Brushing your teeth right drinking coffee will strip your teeth and cause them to be more prone to stain. If you must brush your teeth, rinse your mouth with water first.

Drinking more water is probably the single most beneficial thing most people could be doing for their skin, hair, energy and overall well-being. But, it is also very beneficial for your smile. Drinking water along with your coffee will allow you to constantly rinse your mouth out, keeping the coffee from setting into your teeth.

Adding Milk Can Hurt
Some people think it’s the color of coffee that is responsible for stain, but in reality, it’s the tannin. This substance is naturally found in coffee and adding milk will not reduce the amount of tannin. In fact, adding milk can actually contribute to stain because of the extra sugar content. Feel free to add milk to your coffee, just don’t do it in hopes of reducing any stain potential.

Floss, For Real
Flossing is the worst. It sucks, it seems pointless unless you have food stuck in your teeth, and it’s an extra thing to remember to do when you’re running late in the morning or going to bed. Despite this, it’s also the most important step you can be adding to your routine to fight stain. No matter how white you get the faces of your teeth, they will still look stained if the edges are a few shades darker. When you don’t floss, plaque builds up between your teeth and makes your teeth much more susceptible to stain.