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Hotshot #7

“I’m from Long Island originally, a town called Sag Harbor. I moved to Rhode Island for college and then to New York were I lived the past 6 years. Having half my family from NYC and being so enamored by the big city skyline as a kid, I always knew I wanted to live there. But the extremeness of the city can really suck the life out of you, so I was ready to move on and find a new city, new opportunity, and new people.

Going to business school for entrepreneurship was the perfect fit. If you were to ask my uncle or mother, they’d tell you I was an entrepreneur for a while, the way I network and the business ideas I have. I tried out some business jobs after college and realized early on that it wasn’t for me. The 9-5, having to wear a suit and shave my beard, I wasn’t comfortable in that lifestyle.

I have a very interesting relationship with fitness. When I was 14, my father committed suicide. It pretty much defines me and is one of the reasons I turned to fitness. It became my Prozac and helped me out of over a decade of depression. I found a job at @SoulCycle5 years ago and they still had a startup vibe at that point. I ended up becoming a trainer and loved it. After 4 years, my career there was starting to wind down and I was offered a great job at Gotham boxing gym, so they brought me in and taught me to box and spar and I just fell in love with it. A year after that, I got an offer to move to Chicago to open up Shadowbox. Everything just fell into place.

It’ll open up in August hopefully, classes 7 days a week, with one-on-one training and I do private training outside of boxing as well. More importantly, this is a life move for me, so I’m looking for friendships, relationships, and connections. It has to be more than just business. Feel free to reach out on Instagram!

Coffee shops have done a lot for me, providing me a space to look forward to in the morning, be comfy, and where I’m able to study and work. Knowing the people behind the counter and saying “hi” to them each morning. It’s so much more than just coffee. And that’s why I love Limitless Coffee!”

- Noah Feinberg, Founding Instructor - Shadowbox Chicago