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Hotshot #11

“My grandma was always wearing hats and I adored it. When she passed away, it was something that reminded me of her. I grew up in Slovenia and moved around Europe after college. Eventually, I came back to Slovenia looking for my passion. I couldn’t find any hat brands on the market that I really wanted to invest my money into. Everyone thought classical hats were worn by old people, so brands were stuck to the basics. I was going to fashion week and I couldn’t find a hat that I was into, so I went to a hat maker in Slovenia and we designed one hat just for me for fashion week. I got so many compliments and people asking me where I got my hat! I had found my passion and my business. In December 2016, I started my first hat line.

Eventually, I felt I outgrew my market in Slovenia, so I applied for the Professional Fellowship Program with the State Department and WorldChicago. They brought me over to learn more about business and expansion. I met so many amazing people and loved Chicago! When I got back to Slovenia, I decided it’s time for me to do something bold and take the next step, so I chose to move to Chicago permanently. I said, “Whatever, it’ll be a great learning experience or it’ll be a huge move for what I do!”.

My pieces are designed with the best materials. Everything is handmade in Europe. My company is all about being unique and creating a piece that is designed with the customer, to create exactly what they want. Going against the trend of fast fashion, I think we can make an impact in the industry by creating something timeless and that lasts forever. I want my pieces to be passed down generation to generation.

Slovenian people are very conservative, so every time you say that you’re an entrepreneur, you’re already standing outside the box. Even today, after achieving some success, people still think I’m crazy for what I do. They see me moving to the US and think I want too much. But, Coco Chanel was my idol and actually started with hats, so there’s proof it can be done!

I love to hangout at cafés with friends and drink a nice, strong coffee. @Intelligentsiacoffee is perfect for that!”

- Sara, Entrepreneur