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Darius Kubisch

Web Developer and Content Creator.
Gaming since 1975 ツ
Head of the german gaming magazine pressakey.com - a cozy place about video games.
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Jan 01, 2017
Created and launched the new section Video Game Soundtracks on pressakey.com gaming blog magazine.

Hundreds of official soundtracks for video games from all the great music composers - powered by Spotify and Bandcamp, combined with all related information about the games itself. All in one place.
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Jan 01, 2009
Launched the german gaming magazine pressakey.com. A cozy place about video games: Blog articles, reviews, gaming news, gametrailers, video game soundtracks and much more. There is a lot to discover, have fun. Listen to our Gaming Podcast and find it on many other podcatchers
Find pressakey.com also on: Twitter | Mastodon | Telegram | Patreon | Steady and many other places.
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Head of, pressakey.com