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Katya Sarmiento

  • @kitkatnik
  • Fractional COO & Ops Consultant
  • She/Her
  • Atlanta, GA
👀 To provide COO services for companies with aligned values and a mission to impact minorities and/or mental health.
👀 To work with business development & tech partners for a new SaaS company.

(Inspired by Derek Sivers, but doing it on here instead of a website)

✅ Helping business owners with their operations & team management.
✅ Looking into getting into the SaaS space and learning to code.
✅ Continuing to dive deeper into my passions in business, tech, art, music, gaming, communication, and spirituality through online learning.
✅ Taking better care of my physical and mental health. Also recently diagnosed with ADHD-C and super excited about that revelation! I've been connecting & networking with other business owners with ADHD, as well as mental health advocates - so if that's you, please reach out!
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