Claudio Canales

  • @klaudioz
  • DevOps Engineer | Kubernetes | CKA/CKAD & MultiCloud certified | Linux
  • Lehi, UT
I'm a passionate technologist and engineer with ten years of experience working for important IT comp...  
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  • Venausa
  • Jan 2021 - Present

Cloud Engineer

  • Seegrid
  • Sep 2020 - Present
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Sep 21, 2021
Sep 21, 2021
Obtained a certificate
I've completed "Developing a Google SRE Culture" in Coursera. It's a great course and I've learned a lot about how to work like Google.

You can check my certificate here.
Aug 03, 2021
Aug 03, 2021
Wrote a Blog Post
I've added a new section to my blog. It's the highlights I've taken since 2020. (Last section at the menu bar) It's sad all the books I've read in my life and I don't have any notes or highlights so I'm very committed right now to get them all.
I use Apple Books to read on all my devices and Readwise to store all the highlights which are exported to a Notion page where I'm sharing it to the web.
Jul 10, 2021
Jul 10, 2021
Bought online course
Learning is one of the most important things for me. I've decided to invest some money to learn something very new. Profitable flashloans - Create profitable Arbitrage Flashloans with Ethereum & Solidity is a course by Julien Klepatch. I've followed his channel EatTheBlocks on Youtube, and it's one of the best I've ever seen, so I'll spend a great weekend learning about this strategy.
Jun 30, 2021
Jun 30, 2021
Finished reading a book
I've finished to read the book The Wall Street Era is Over: The Investor's Guide to Cryptocurrency and DeFi, the Decentralized Finance Revolution.
I really liked this book. It's a great introduction to this world and after that I'm ready to invest in yield farming.
Jun 28, 2021
Jun 28, 2021
Invest in Yield Farming
The best way to learn in trading is just by investing some amount of money. Not too big because I'm a newbie but not too low to suffer if I made a bad decision.

I'm learning about Yield Farming in DeFi, and it's a fascinating concept. DeFi is clearly the future, and I want to be there since the begging or the closest to that.

I'm investing in a farm called Osmosis. The ecosystem looks great because it's trying to build IBC, an inter-blockchain communication, where many more coins will be incorporated soon and use very low fees from the network. Hence, I'm very bullish on it. Also, I'm bullish on crypto in general after the crash.

The Smart contract innovations brought by Ethereum and L2 layer protocols built **on top of** another protocol are bringing huge innovation in all DeFi ecosystems.

I hope to get some profits with this investment to re-invest in the following coins in this ecosystem.
Jun 24, 2021
Jun 24, 2021
Created a Website
Finally, my portfolio website is online. You can access going to or https://klaudioz.eth/ if you're using Metamask (the final / is important).
If you want to reach me, you can find all my information on the website. Also, you can find there:
- My resume in DOCX and PDF formats. - I've migrated my blog there. - My tech stack. - Stats over my coding. - And some projects I've been working on.
This is the first version of the website. I'm going to work on adding more interesting stuff.
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