Wrote a Digital Trends article
Published a game

Journalism as a industry has been through a couple of minor and major disruptions in the last two decades. The media experienced a seismic advertising shift and found itself on the shrinking end of the ad budgets. At the same time we can observe how truth as a concept became evermore vague and muddied through the internet and social media. As such parts of the industry at times seems to cultivate their own doom and gloom or romanticizes the past. There‘s a lack of alternative futures to discuss and build towards.

Which is why we (the Medialab Bayern, my co-author Christian Simon and myself) decided to try to develop a tool we could use to influence this discussions. Inspired by the speculative design studio superflux we adapted their Synbio Tarot and got to work.

The finished Futures of Media Tarot now serves as a workshop tool to open up imaginative horizons, inform players about the big trends currently influencing the industry and challenge their ideas about the futures of journalism and the media as a whole.