Jun 30, 2021
Taught digital technologies
Improved workflows
Taught about digital assets management
+ 1
Finished working on The McKenzie Holiday Farm Wildfire Stories Project where I taught students digital project management, how-to capture oral histories using Zoom, and how-to use ESRI StoryMaps to make narrative location-based digital exhibits.

This project was led by Professor Katie Lynch, Co-Director of the Environmental Leadership Program at the University of Oregon, with the McKenzie Education Foundation, McKenzie River Trust, Lane County History Museum, UO Libraries Digital Scholarship Services Department, and 11 University of Oregon environmental leadership students. 
This digital project documents the stories and impact of the historic and devastating Holiday Farm wildfire that swept through the McKenzie watershed Sept 7, 2020, that left more than 173,000 acres and 430 homes burned. Students conducted ethnographic interviews, collected existing photographs and maps to help create a comprehensive archive and ten digital exhibits about meteorological conditions, the firefighters, evacuation experiences, watershed restoration efforts, and other themes.