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"Nice to meet you, I am Rafa Nadal," he told me humbly as if the whole world didn't know exactly who he was.

Amidst my fangirling and mumbled replies, I couldn't help but marvel at just how down-to-earth Rafa is.

When he lifted his 21st Grand Slam trophy yesterday, I cried with him. It was such an emotional moment for every fan who stuck with him through his journey and believed in him no matter what.

Isn't that exactly what he inspires us to do? NEVER GIVE UP! 

Injuries have been a part of his game and I remember when he was told he can never play again. 

Even yesterday, during the match, the commentators gave him a 0.5% chance of winning! During the 3rd set, they said it was OVER.

But.. they forgot this was RAFA. The man who never gives up. Never!

"I can't give up even if I am destroyed," he said in the post-match press conference. And, boy, does he live by those words.

I am honored to have met him, to have watched him over the years, and to have been inspired time and again to keep going.

Rafa, you CHAMP! Vamos. Forever.