Invested in myself
2021 in no way has been a year I'd want to remember.

But, it opened my eyes to a lot of things.

The biggest one - the need to focus on ME.

So, after quite some deliberation, I took conscious steps towards self-growth, mental health, and peace.

Subscribing to Headspace was one of these steps. I didn't expect much but it blew me away.

It spoke to me on so many levels and made a few difficult things such as falling asleep and avoiding scary thoughts easy. There are so many courses that one can take. the 

I start my day with Headspace now and a month in, I already see a difference. 

That is why I thought it was important to highlight this here.

I want to thank everyone working at Headspace for this wonderful gift. I found a friend when I thought I had none. <3 You guys are stars.

I would also like to recommend Headspace to anyone and everyone suffering from self-doubt, lack of confidence, and/or mental health concerns.