Ruizhe Zhao

  • @kumasento
Hi there! I’m Ruizhe, a final year PhD student at the Department of Computing, Imperial College London, working with Prof. Wayne Luk. My research is to make Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) run faster on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), with a specific focus on compiler-based techniques.

Before joining Imperial, I was an undergrad at Peking University studying computer science. My main research activity then was at the Center for Energy-efficient Computing and Applications (CECA), working with Prof. Yun Liang.

I am blessed to work with wonderful colleagues in the past few years: I was an intern at Facebook, London, and Preferred Networks, Tokyo; I’ve co-authored papers with many talented friends from various top research institutes (Imperial, MIT, TU Eindhoven, etc.) and companies (PFN and Google).

On many programming platforms I use the ID kumasento, specifically, GitHub. I do practice competitive programming recently.
Learn more about me on my Twitter, GitHub, Google Scholar, LinkedIn.
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