Kaiyu Hsu

  • @kyh
Hi there, you can call me Kai since we're pretty much friends now. I enjoy building things for the interwebs. By day, I get to do that through investing, advising, and working on products you may not have heard of (yet)

Some things I've done:

🧑‍💻 Led software development at some really big companies
📈 Drove product growth from single digits to millions in users and revenue
🤝 Authored design systems used across multiple teams
🤓 Contributor to major open source projects (Next.js, Node.js, AngularUI, React Bootstrap, and Wikipedia)
🦡 USDR and the OpenJS Foundation committee member
📚 Published research papers on growth and retention
🔥 Took startups through acquisitions, IPOs, and several failures

You can lure me into a response with ice cream

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Jan 2022 - Present

UX Engineer, Google