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Jonathan Lampron

  • @lamp
  • Designer interested in design systems, React, and Tetris.
  • He/Him
  • Boston, MA
I grew up in my dad's sign shop cutting letters out of vinyl and creating logos on Windows 3.1. Since then, the tech has changed a lot, but my love for good design hasn't. When the time came, I went to Northeastern University where I received a dual degree in Graphic Design and Game Design. I've been working in the tech industry ever since at companies like PayPal & MeYou Health, as well as a few startups along the way. I'm now at Wistia, where I've been working on the Platform team focusing on the designer and developer experience at Wistia and building out VHS - our design system. When I am not working, I enjoy running, reading, and spending time with my wife and my dog Tofu. 

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What Jonathan's working on