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Over the past decade, I've worked in every role that customer support has to offer. From crushing queues to leading teams to directing support strategy as a senior leader. I've been a supervisor, a project manager, a content creator, a salesman, an engineer, an analyst—often, all in the same 8 hour work day.

When you're in support, you're expected to wear a lot of hats. Above and beyond empathizing with customers and being their voice in the company, you're also tapped to do sales demos, write marketing blogs, QA test software updates, and more. In all my time as a support agent and manager, I was spinning plates—many of which belonged to other teams.

And that's what I'm trying to fix.

As a Customer Experience leader, my goal is to create an environment where support folks can find a career and thrive in it. Not by piling ancillary work on their shoulders but by encouraging specialization and ownership.

At Postmates, I lead teams devoted to supporting support people: tools, knowledge management, and project operations. Our charge is to provide our customers and associates with the best resources available to make the support process as painless and effortless as possible.

At Raven, I quite literally wrote the book on how to do support. I created structure where none had existed before and worked toward building a sustainable future for support.

Some of my accomplishments include:
- Reducing our incoming ticket volume at Raven by more than 60% and our median resolution time from a week to several days.
- Establishing the CX Tools team at Postmates, a center of expertise for our support tools like Zendesk and UJET, and growing it by 200% in less than a year.
- Successful sourcing, project managing, and launching new tools for learning management, quality assurance, workforce management, and social media support.
- Speaking at respected national support conferences, and contributing to popular support blogs like HelpU. 

Beyond my work in support, I also maintain a thriving career as a freelance writer and photographer. Over the past decade, I've interviewed musicians, comedians, actors, and artists ranging from Aziz Ansari to William Shatner for Nashville's alternative weekly newspaper, Nashville Scene. I'm an accomplished music and event photographer that has shot everyone from Neil Young to Young Thug, for clients like Nashville Scene, Spin, and Sony Music Nashville.
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Customer Experience Lead

  • Found
  • Sep 2021 - Present

Program Manager

  • Uber
  • Mar 2021 - Sep 2021

Business Operations Manager

  • Postmates
  • Dec 2018 - Mar 2021

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Nov 05, 2021
Nov 05, 2021
Spoke on Supportive Podcast
Sarah Hatter, who ran the first conference I ever spoke at way back in 2013, had me on Supportive, a podcast series she's doing in collaboration with the workforce tool Assembled, to talk about my career journey in Customer Experience and what happens when an enormous multinational corporation buys your company.
Sep 27, 2021
Sep 27, 2021
Started a new role at Found
Excited to join Found as Customer Experience Lead! 🎉
Customer Experience Lead, Found
Sep 17, 2021
Sep 17, 2021
Left a role at Uber
Ended my journey as Program Manager at Uber!
Program Manager, Uber
Apr 15, 2021
Apr 15, 2021
Spoke on Customer Experience Leaders Chat Podcast
I chatted with Craig Stoss for NiceReply's CX Leaders Chat podcast to talk about the role that support operations has in growing your CX organization—not just for business scale reasons, but for the human reasons of giving your team space and power to change their day-to-day work lives.
Mar 01, 2021
Mar 01, 2021
Left a role at Postmates
Ended my journey as Business Operations Manager at Postmates!
Business Operations Manager, Postmates
Mar 01, 2021
Mar 01, 2021
Started a new role at Uber
Excited to join Uber as Program Manager! 🎉
Program Manager, Uber
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